Vendor Information

Vendor areas for both Craft and Food vendors will be provided as part of the annual North Cascades Bluegrass Festival (NCBF).  Although subject to change, Vendor areas can be seen on the Festival Grounds map found here: Link to Festival Map


Vendor Base (Craft and Food)

It is our intent and goal to select vendors that will provide high-quality items for sale including clothing, jewelry, hand-crafted items, vendors that are artisan or unique in nature are welcomed (e.g., custom musical instrument luthiers, makers of acoustic instruments, sellers of music-related accessories and so forth) and those that sell freshly prepared festival and ethnic food in a timely manner due to the nature of the festival.  While we are not limiting the types of vendors that can participate in the festival, we are a family-oriented festival, and vendors with adult product or drug paraphernalia whether legal in the state or not, are not be permitted.

We urge Vendors to get their applications in ASAP.  The selection of vendors invited to participate in the NCBF will be made by the festival’s vendor committee and all decisions are final.  Click Here to see the Vendor FAQ.


Vendor Fees

Click Here to see Vendor Fees within the Vendor FAQ.


Please click on the appropriate link below to apply.  Be sure to read the Vendor FAQ page and the information on this page before applying.




All vendors selected to participate in the North Cascade Bluegrass Festival will need to meet certain requirements to Vend.

In addition to providing evidence of a commercial general liability insurance policy, all vendors must be able to provide 2 “additional insured endorsements” certificates, one (1) for Whatcom Parks & Recreation Foundation dba North Cascades Bluegrass Festival &  and one (1) for the Deming Log Show.  Full details and requirements will be sent upon receipt and acceptance of your vendor application.  Insurance requirements have changed this year in an effort to make it easier to vend.

Vendors must:

  • Possess an active registration to do business in Washington State during the dates of the festival.
  • Carry and provide written evidence of a commercial general liability insurance policy with both the North Cascades Bluegrass Festival & Whatcom Parks and Recreation Foundation AND the Deming Log Show named as an additional insured.
  • Before set-up and prior to payment, all Food Vendors are required and are responsible for obtaining all legally required State of Washington and Whatcom County inspection, food handler, and health permits.
  • Upon initial acceptance, Vendors will be provided instructions and necessary forms to complete.  Vendors will need to read, sign and return the following documents:
  • Signed Vendor Rules of Operation and Hold Harmless Agreement.
  • Proof of commercial general liability insurance requirements.
  • Vendor Fees:  Cash (delivered to the festival office), or Check made out to” NCBF”
  • Provide all necessary equipment for your booth as appropriate including, but not limited to popup canopy, tables, chairs and any necessary furnishings or covers that you might need.
  • Observe and adhere to all Vendor Rules of Operation.