Pro Jam

Welcome to one of the most anticipated events of the festival – the Pro Jam! The unique twist? Musicians will be grouped with fellow artists from different bands, ensuring an unforgettable fusion of talents and sounds.


Event Details:


When:  Saturday Evening After the Last Set

Pro Jam Locations:  See Map


How It Works:


  1.   Jam Member Assignment:  Before the Pro Jam begins, artists from different bands will be assigned to a Pro Jam Location.

  2.   Quick Meet & Greet: Pro Jammers will do a quick shake and howdy to help break the ice before the jam begins.

  3.   Jam Sessions: The Pro Jam is conducted just like any other jam session.  Someone calls a tune, the key, any specifics that should be noted and off they go.

  4.   Jam Hosts:  Each Jam will be assigned a volunteer Jam Host.  The Jam Host’s responsibility will be to record the names of those individuals who would like to jam with the pros and feel confident in doing so.   Each person who signs up will be permitted to play or sing one (1) song with the Pros.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee everyone will get a chance to play.  The earlier a participant signs up, the better the chance.

  5.   Musical Fusion: The pros will be encouraged to blend their musical expertise to produce captivating and unrehearsed performances.


Audience Participation:


The audience plays a crucial role in the Pro Jam. Their cheers and applause will energize the artists and motivate them to create extraordinary music together.
The Festival Pro Jam promises to be an unforgettable experience for both artists and the audience. The unique scramble of players will create magical musical moments, showcasing the beauty of collaboration and the universal language of music. So, come and witness this celebration of creativity and talent at its finest, up close, and personal.  The Pro Jam ends when it ends.