Vendor FAQ’S


Please click on the appropriate link below to apply.  Be sure to read the content on our Vendor Information page and the FAQs on this page before applying.

CRAFT Vendor Application:  Apply Here

FOOD Vendor Application:  Apply Here


Is there a vendor program at the Festival?
Yes! We have both Food and Craft vendors. Vendor locations are in an area where Vendors will be able to enjoy the musical performances.  Be sure to read this Vendor FAQ prior to applying.


What is the expected attendance for the festival?
Festival attendance is determined by many factors for which we have no control.  However, based on feedback, previous festival attendance, and positive feedback we expect 1,000+ as the approximate daily attendance.


What types of Vendors are you looking for?
Craft Vendors:  We have no specific criteria for the types of craft vendors.  Our audience appreciates many diverse vendors from clothing, jewelry, and vendors that are artisan and/or unique in nature (e.g., custom musical instrument luthiers, makers of acoustic instruments, sellers of music-related accessories, and so forth).  Those vendors that are selling commercially bagged food products for which no health permit is required will be included in the Craft Vendor category (e.g., bagged caramel corn, Jelly Bellies, and so forth). Vendors with adult or drug paraphernalia of any kind whether legal or not, are not permitted

Food Vendors: Our attendees appreciate delicious foods from all ethnicity.  Priority will be given to those food vendors that serve and make food from fresh ingredients on-site.  IMPORTANT:  We have found that Food Cook-to-Order times exceeding 4-5 minutes do not sell well in volume and are a deterrent to the vendor for future purchases.


How will Vendors be selected?
Interested Vendors need to submit the Vendor application to be considered.  Applications are reviewed by the Vendor Manager and once a decision has been made, Vendors are notified via email with notification of acceptance or regrets.  Once a vendor’s application has been accepted, that vendor will receive a notification to complete and sign the final agreements and submit the appropriate insurance certificates along with the applicable vendor fee. Due to the limited number of vendor spaces available, we anticipate that we may not be able to accommodate all vendor applicants.  Therefore, we urge vendors to get their applications in as early as possible as all applications are reviewed weekly and space is limited, especially for Food Vendors.


Is Power available for Vendors?
For Craft Vendors:   At this time, no power is available for Craft Vendors & generators are not allowed in the Craft Vendor area.  However, there are several outlets available around the site should you need to charge a cell phone, etc.

For Food Vendors:  There is limited power on site.   Generators, if needed are allowed during vending hours.  Special attention is given to volume (Noise) levels to ensure: 1) You’re vending neighbor and customers are not negatively impacted; and 2) Bands/Audiences are not distracted due to generator noise.  We encourage cooking and refrigeration with Propane.


How many Vendors are you looking to have on-site during the festival?
Craft Vendors: We have allocated space for approximately 20-25 vendors.

Food Vendors: We have allocated space for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10.


What are the Vendor space sizes?
Vendor Space assignment is determined by the Vendor Manager and Executive Committee. Vendors are permitted to vend in their specific assigned spaces only.  Vendor Director is the sole arbiter of those spaces.

Craft Vendors: 10’x10’ and 10’x20’ 12′ x 20′ and 20’x20’.

Food Vendors: Vendors will be assigned a spot that will accommodate a reasonable area for each vendor. It’s never been an issue.  However, space for seating, etc. will be determined by the festival for use by all.

Is there a Pet Policy?
Yes.  See our policy on pets here: Policies and Guidelines  Our pet policy is strictly enforced.  Pets are not allowed in the vendor areas.

Is water available on site?

Yes.  There are many places where one can obtain water.  Food Vendors have water available right at the Vendor sites.  There are several other places where water is available as well.  Please see Festival Map.


Is Camping available to Vendors?

Yes.  There are Dry camping spots reserved for Vendors across from the Vending area, or Vendors may camp in any other Dry Camping location.


Do Vendors need liability insurance?
Yes, all vendors will need to carry and provide evidence of a current general liability insurance policy naming Whatcom Parks and Recreation Foundation dba North Cascades Bluegrass Festival and Deming Log Show as an additional insured.  Specific instructions and requirements regarding the limits and forms required will be sent to the vendor applicant upon acceptance of their vendor application.


When do Vendors need to be fully functional and when are they required to take down and be off-site?

ALL Vendors:
Arrival:  As early as 10 am on Thursday, but no later than 8 am on Friday.

Set up:  See Setup specifics under “Operating Hours” below

Take Down and be off-site:  Vendors are required to be off-site by no later than 2 pm on Monday.  Coffee/Breakfast Vendors may Vend Monday Morning until 10 am.


Operating Hours:

Food Vendor Setup & Business Hours (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday):

Early morning Coffee/Breakfast Vendors: Must be Fully set up by no later than 7:30 am

Lunch/Dinner Only Vendors: Must be Fully set up by no later than 11:00 am

Closing Time:  No earlier than 8:00 pm and no later than 10:00 pm.  The festival has a Dinner Break from 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm.


Craft Vendors Setup & Business Hours (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Start Time: No later than 10:00 am

Closing Time: No earlier than 7:00 pm and no later than 10:00 pm


What are the Vendor Fees?

10’ x 10’ $100
10’ x 20’ $150
20’ x 20” $200
All Spaces $225



  • Craft and Food Vendor prices are for this year only as we move to our first three-day festival.
  • Food Vendor Fees will not be accepted unless accompanied by a valid Whatcom County Health permit.



Are there any other specific requirements for food vendors?

Yes, Food Vendors are:

  • Responsible for providing a copy of a valid food permit for our festival. Additionally, copies of all permits must be on file with the North Cascades Bluegrass Festival Note: The Festival will fill out the Whatcom County Notification Form of all Vendors and send it to Whatcom County Health Department for 45 days prior to the festival.
  • Responsible for obtaining all necessary and required health and food handling permits for all employees serving food on-site. 


What is the policy on food availability to festival attendees?

In a nutshell, festival attendees and staff expect vendors to offer the food and drink as contained on their application during vending operating hours (i.e., Vendors need to ensure that they don’t run out of food during the vendor operating hours).  We intend to establish a long and fruitful relationship with our food service vendors for many years to come. Those vendors that adhere to this policy will be favorably considered for future festivals.