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The Special Consensus

Special Consensus – 2019 Grammy Nominee

The Special Consensus is a bluegrass band that has achieved a contemporary sound in their four decades of performing, making their music a modern classic. The band is led by Greg Cahill, banjo player and recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award from the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), and includes Greg Blake (guitar), Dan Eubanks (bass) and Michael Prewitt (mandolin). Special Consensus has received six awards from the IBMA and two Grammy nominations. They are four talented vocalists and instrumentalists who follow their creative desires without straying too far from their bluegrass roots. “Rivers and Roads” (Compass Records) was nominated for the 2018 Best Bluegrass Album GRAMMY award and received 2018 IBMA awards for Album of the Year and Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year (“Squirrel Hunters”). “Chicago Barn Dance” (Compass Records) 2020 celebrates the 45th band anniversary and the connection of country and bluegrass music to Chicago from the time of the WLS “National Barn Dance” – precursor to the Grand Ole Opry. The title song “Chicago Barn Dance” received the 2020 IBMA Song of the Year Award.    Instagram: specialconsensus

Blue Canyon Boys

The Blue Canyon Boys are equal parts purists and innovators when it comes to Bluegrass: they stay true to the form’s roots while constantly reimagining their relationship to tradition. The result is a toe-tapping mix of haunting standards, genre-bending arrangements, and catchy original numbers—all built on the bedrock of their collective bluegrass mastery.
Ever since founding members Jason Hicks and Gary Dark launched the Blue Canyon Boys in 2006, the Blue Canyon Boys have raised the bar for bluegrass bands. They bring it all: seamless brother-duet style, crisp instrumentation, unvarnished lyrics and subversive humor. After winning first place 2008 Telluride Bluegrass festival band contest, the Blue Canyon Boys went off at full tilt, taking the bluegrass circuit by storm, performing in illustrious venues across the country as well as internationally.

Stillhouse Junkies

Stillhouse Junkies is a one-of-a-kind creative project born out of the collective
passions of three individuals with very different musical backgrounds. With
chops and stylistic leanings ranging from classical to West African, blues,
bluegrass, and swing, Fred Kosak, Alissa Wolf, and Cody Tinnin came together
around a shared goal of bringing sounds and grooves to their fans that fall
outside of easy genre distinctions. With all three band members trading lead
vocal, songwriting, and arranging duties, Stillhouse Junkies paint with a rich
tonal palette that pays homage to their musical heroes while forging a unique
artistic path.
Born out of a long-standing weekly residency at a local distillery in Durango,
CO, Stillhouse Junkies have quickly become a staple of Colorado and the Four
Corners region’s vibrant music scene and a nationally-recognized touring act,
establishing a solid fan base through multi-hour performances that feature
soaring group improvisations, novel re-imaginings of covers from the likes of
Asia, Caleb Klauder, and Bill Withers, and intimate vocal-driven ballads.
Through their strong writing and creative, intricate arranging, the Junkies have
built up an eclectic multi-set catalogue of original music that reflects their
diverse interests and creative inclinations. Their songs run the gamut of human
emotion and experience: disenchantment with the pace of modern living,
confronting adversity in its many forms, mortality and aging, and story songs
that imagine reality from the perspective of a member of the Lewis and Clark
expedition; a small-town bartender; a lonely miner; an imperiled cattle driver.
They pay tribute to the remarkable diversity of both the Four Corners area of
the Southwestern US and the country as a whole, probing below the surface of
everyday life to find the themes that unite us all as Americans and citizens of
the world.
In November 2019, Stillhouse Junkies entered the studio in Austin, TX to record
their third album, Calamity, an epic thematic collection of 12 original songs
released on March 7th. This effort represented the culmination of over a year
of constant writing, gigging, and rehearsing and was to be supported by a
dizzying schedule of over 100 planned shows across the US and in the UK.
Stillhouse Junkies are proud to be winners of the 2021 IBMA Momentum Band
of the Year award, 2018 and 2019 Telluride Band Contest finalists (3rd & 2nd
place) Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival Showcase Artists, and Showcase Artists at
both the 2020 & 2021 IBMA World of Bluegrass.

The Kody Norris Show

Growing up in the mountains of East Tennessee, and sharing a birthday with the great Earl Scruggs meant that destiny was written in the stars for Kody Norris, who founded his band, The Kody Norris Show, more than a decade ago.

Kody learned early the strong musical legacy of Johnson County, Tennessee, home to musicians including Clint Howard, Fred Price and Clarence “Tom” Ashley; the first group to tour with Doc Watson during the folk revival of the 1960s. The first recording of “House of the Rising Sun” was created in Johnson County by Tom Ashley in the 1930s. Tom Dooley (of the oft-recorded folk murder ballad) was captured there by another resident of the county, Col. James Grayson.

“My dad would take me to numerous festivals where I saw all my bluegrass heroes,” Kody says. He treasures the memories of experiencing Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, Jimmy Martin, Jim and Jesse, and others whose music continues to inspire his own original songs. Blending echoes of the past from numerous genres with newer styles and arrangements has become the hallmark of Kody’s music.

Rebekah Speer

It is always a cool thing when an artist who has been in the music business for a long time is suddenly “discovered.” In the bluegrass world, this is hopefully about to happen to Rebekah Long who, through her many talents, is no stranger to some of the most successful folks in the genre.

Long grew up in Lincolnton, Georgia near the famous musical kinfolk The Lewis Family and spent time touring and playing upright bass with Little Roy Lewis and Lizzy Long, Rebekah’s twin sister. She also played bass in Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike.

Rebekah was one of the first students to graduate from the Glenville State College Bluegrass Certificate Program after it was created in 2002. With a BA in Bluegrass Music and a BA in Music Education under her belt, Long immersed herself in the bluegrass business working as a recording engineer, graphic designer, video editor while also playing in various bands.

Lonesome Town Painters

The Lonesome Town Painters are a tried-and-true, bona fide bluegrass quartet hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. These fellas have a look, style and sound that harkens back to the raw and ragged edge of the genre. Their spirited performances are characterized by soaring harmonies and driving instrumentation, and their honest original songwriting pays homage to golden era pioneers.

Runaway Train

Greg Linder is the founding member of Runaway Train. He played other types of music in the past, but fell in love with bluegrass music in the ’80’s after attending the Tumwater Bluegrass Festival. His resume includes performing with several local groups and winning the guitar contest at the Chilliwack Bluegrass Festival. Greg currently holds the post of guitar player in Runaway Train. Not only does he enjoy performing on stage, but he has become a key figure in the Bluegrass From The Forest festival that is held every May. Greg is a well respected figure in the Northwest bluegrass scene.

John began his musical endeavors at the age of five when he began to play on his sister’s guitar. As he grew older, his talent grew as well, leading to performing in local coffee houses, festivals, concerts, and private parties in his hometown of Grand Rapids. He learned how to play mandolin as well, and has played guitar and mandolin in numerous groups around the country, including Williams Family Band, Bluegrass Rangers, Bunchgrass, Stoney Point, The Maddy’s, and Horsejazz. While living in Utah in the ’80’s, John won a guitar flatpicking contest. This was followed up by winning a mandolin contest at the long running Columbia River Gorge Bluegrass Festival in the ’90’s. John currently holds down the mandolin spot with Runaway Train.

Clayton Hess is the newest member or Runaway Train. He grew up playing bluegrass with his family band. He began playing banjo after his grandma sent him a banjo in hopes that he’d stop playing piano, as she thought he’d have more fun with the banjo. Clayton is without a doubt the best banjo player living in the Northwest today. He can play all styles of banjo with absolute competence and innovation. He recently served several years in service to the United States, and was stationed in Guam. While there, he was able to hone his skills as a guitar player as well.

Kent Powell is a veteran of the Northwest bluegrass scene. He played banjo for many years with local groups including Backgrasswards, North Cascade Ramblers, Crossfire, and for a while, Runaway Train. Kent currently plays bass with Runaway Train, String Theory, and North Country. While playing with Crossfire, the band won the local Gibson/Pizza Hut talent contest and traveled to Owensboro, Kentucky, where the band took third place. Kent traveled with North Country to Nashville, where the band placed in the SPGMA band contest. Kent has also shared the stage with Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, as well as with Greg Blake.

GOSPEL SHOW - Roosevelt Road and Friends

Roosevelt Road is a band of well experienced musicians bringing decades of experience and styles including great Bluegrass, Americana and Gospel music to the Northwest and beyond.

Jane McMahon’s vocals are beautiful and pure.  Jane has her own style of 5 string Banjo that pleases the listener.

Steve McMahon, our Bass guy, loves to explore his Bass and play ‘just a few different runs now and then.  Steve also adds great vocals.

Mike Janda has been involved in the NW music scene for many years.  His guitar style complements Bluegrass and Americana styles and his hometown vocal is unique in its soothing yet pronounced tone.

Loren Postma, Dobro Guru, adds a unique and pleasant sound to the band.  Loren also sings lead and harmony vocals.

Robbie (John) Bennett is one of the NW finest fiddle players.  His fiddle playing is so pleasant and smooth its a joy to hear and he rounds out Roosevelt Road with true Bluegrass vocals as well.